Short Post Vs. Long Posts. Which Are More Effective For Hooking Up On Reddit?

Long Posts Vs Short Posts On Reddit

As you flip through reddit posts on various hookup subreddits (Check out our Top 5 subreddits for hooking up online) you will notice there are some posts that are relatively short and to the point (only 1 to 3 lines) and other posts that are long thought out descriptive posts.

So the burning question is which posts will get you more replies to your inbox from horny partners Short Posts or Long Posts?

In my experience, which is admittedly quite extensive, the longer descriptive posts tend to yield better results. With that said thought, i wouldn’t rule out the quick short post because it does have its moments of success.

Let’s break down the components of these two different posting styles including their pros and cons:

The Short Post

What it is:

This is a post that has your direct intention in the title and the body of the post is usually only about 3 lines. It clearly states exactly what you are looking for without any of the fluff. It also doen’t say much about who you are but focuses on what it is you are looking for.


The beauty of this post is that, as a poster you can make this type of post within seconds. Since you didn’t spend much time writing this post you have less attachment to it and won’t feel like you wasted any time if no one responds. As for the reader, it doesn’t take long to read and the intention is very clear.

We live in a world of people with short attention spans and busy lives. This post can take advantage of this by appealing to the reader who is flipping through posts on a work or study break, or while on the train home, or any other idle time they may have. These posts target this type of mentality.


The drawback is that you don’t get to showcase any of the specials qualities about who you are as a person and why the reader should take the time to respond to you. This can work against you or I guess for you depending on your personality and weather or not you have any “game”. Another downside to a post like this is that it can be construed as being spammy.


You will get less replies from a post like this but if you do get one you can be sure its going to lead to exactly what it is you were looking for which is most likely a no strings attached hookup asap. This type of post will usually attract the type of partner that is mainly acting upon their urges. It will an impulsive type of hookup that will only be a one time thing. Most people who go through it and meet up for a hookup will probably regret it the next day and want to move on with their life. This may or may not be what you are looking for.

The Long Post

What it is:

This post is obviously a lot longer then the short post. The title doesn’t have to be as direct. It can be the type of title that sparks curiosity and gives the reader a reason to click through to read what you have to say.

The body of the message will have a few sections. It usually opens with a  short intro of what’s going on in your day. Then it will start to explain what it is you are looking for. After that you will usually give a description of who you are, which can include what you look like and what types of kinks you are into. The next section will list some qualities about the type of partner you are looking for. This can be age range, race, body type, personality type etc. Then lastly it will have a closing paragraph that tries to convince the reader why they should send you a private message.


The best thing about this post is that you can be sure if someone takes the time to read it and respond then they are most likely the type of person you are looking for. A post like this weeds out all the people who are just looking to send a few flirty messages but who aren’t actually interested in meeting up for a real hook up. If they spent all that time reading your post then you can be very certain they are interested in “closing the deal”.

A post like this also has more longevity in the subreddit feed. You can leave a post like this up for days, maybe even a week and still get responses because the message wasn’t necessarily about an urgent hookup. On multiple occasions, days after making a post i forgot that it was even up and someone messaged me in response to it. When this happens it is very promising because in order for the reader to have found you post they must have not been interested in the hundreds of posts that were listed before yours. Once again, when someone contacts you under these circumstances it means that are truly interested.

Another positive outcome of a the long post is that you get a chance to use your unique creativity to lure the reader in. Since there are hundreds of posts made everyday it will benefit you to be unique and stand out among the pack. Long posts like this give you the opportunity to let your casanova game shine.


The number one drawback is that it’s going to take you significantly longer to make a post like this. Which isn’t a bad thing if you do get a few responses. Since posting for hookups is a numbers game and “being in the right place at the right time”, it is possible that you write an amazing post and get no responses. This might make you bitter or discourage you. Being bitter is the worst thing you could do. No one wants to hookup with a bitter whiny bitch.

Another thing that can happen is that a person will click on your title to view your post and they will see a long page of text, get overwhelmed and then move on without reading. As I stated earlier, we live in a world of short attention spans.


You will get more replies from a post like this in the long run and in my experience way more casual hookups. The casual encounter you do get from a post like this are more fulfilling and have the potential to turn into a “friends with benefits” type situations. For me that is a good thing because I have been able to build a list of booty calls that I can rely on. Not everyone is available all the time, but someone is available some of the time.

Another point to mention is that you will most likely spend some time writing messages back and forth with a person who responds to the long post. They tend to be people who are a bit more cautious and want to feel comfortable with you before meeting up to hook up.

Wrap Up

Both long and short posts have their time and place and you should post a few of each. Don’t forget, my hook up method employs the “multiple account” strategy so you should test out both and see what works best for you and the potential partners in your area.

I have had the most success with the long post but i do periodically throw a short one out there with little expectations. Ya never know what someone is looking for at any given moment. You just have to throw your name in the hat and see if you get picked.

Let me know in the comments below if you have had more success with long or short posts. The HookingUpNow community would love to hear about your experience.

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