How Long Should You Leave Your Post Up On Reddit

If you are using my method of posting multiple times with multiple accounts to increase the probability of finding someone to hook up with you will eventually have a bunch of posts strewn across multiple NSFW subreddits.


The question will eventually arise of How Long You Should Leave Your NSFW Hookup Posts up. Like most things in the Reddit realm the answer to that question is, It depends.


There are so many posts being made every hour on reddit that within a few hours your post will be buried behind your competitions’ in no time. This is ok because with so many people looking for unique things on reddit most readers don’t mind doing a good amount of scrolling to find what they are looking for. In some ways it’s part of the “excitement of the hunt” that keeps people coming back and scrolling down the New Post page. Sometimes people scroll out of boredom and curiosity, other times they scroll because the are seeking something specific and still haven’t found what they are looking for.


In my experience, which as you know by now is extensive, my decision to leave a post up or take it down has to do with a few factors.


The Deciding Factors If I Should Pull A Post Down or Leave It Up


Is The Post Still Getting Clicks?


When you are logged in and you click on your own post you will see in the bottom right corner of the post a counter that shows the amount of views the post has. If the post is getting attention you will see a drastic increase in post views within the first hour. After that first hour the frequency of views will slowly peter off until you are only getting a few views per day. As a general rule of thumb I usually delete my post when it stops getting significant views.


Is The Post Time Sensitive?


This is self explanatory. If you make a post in the evening looking for a hookup that night it makes no sense to leave it up the next day. If my post is time sensitive I will take it down once that time period is up. It’s fine to post in the heat of the moment but it doesn’t do you any good to keep those lusty posts up after your heat has cooled down.


Is My New Post Conflicting With An Older Post?


If I have a good idea for a new post that I think will get a lot of attention, before posting it I will check my older posts to see if anything I was looking for is different then what I am looking for now.


You don’t want to send mixed messages to the readers. If a reader likes your post, before sending you a message they will usually check your profile to see if you are an active poster and to see what it is your previous posts and comments are about. It’s a simple way of getting to know you before they take the plunge and time to message you.


If they find that your posts are all over the place looking for different things it could be a red flag and they might not respond. Don’t forget, Redditors are savvy people. Don’t give a potential hookup partner a reason to think you are confused about what you want from a hook up or that you are a spam bot.  


Duplicate Posts


Often times you will post the same post multiple times on the same Subreddit. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if someone checks your profile post history and they see you’ve posted the same post every 12 hours for the past month it will reek of desperation. No one likes a desperate lover.


Long Posts Vs Short Posts


I have an entire article on weather a Long Reddit Post is more effective than a Short Reddit Post so you should check that out. As a rule of thumb I will pull my short posts down within 24 hours. As opposed to my long posts which i will leave up for a week or sometimes even longer if it’s still getting views. The reason for this is that if a person clicks through to my Long Post they might get overwhelmed by it and not continue reading at first. But then they will go through a bunch of other poster’s posts and realize they aren’t finding what they are looking for. This is the moment they calm themselves down and go back to spend the time reading your Long Post that attracted them in the first place.


They also might want some time to think and process all the info you put in the long post before responding. I can’t tell you how many times I left a long post up for days and out of the blue someone responds. This can be a pleasant surprise when I forgot I even had a post up. These can be the most promising type of hookups because they responded when they weren’t so impulsive. They have made a clear and conscious effort to connect with you which almost always leads to a real life hook up.


Wrap Up


To increase your chances of hooking up for a casual encounter you don’t want too many posts up at any one time. You don’t want any of your posts to have conflicting interests. If the post is time sensitive you need to pull it down when that time frame is up. If the post is still getting views then let it ride. And lastly, keep those well crafted long posts up for a week or two to get maximum responses.


I hope this answered your questions about how long you should leave the post up. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with my reasoning.


If you want to see examples of 50 posts that have been proven successful for me in getting hooked up check out Lord O’s Little Black Book of Successful Posts. You are welcome to use them and see if they get you some action just like they have for me.

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