HookingUpNow.com and Lord O offers 1 on 1 Counseling and Advice through Skype Voice chat.

Discrete and anonymous

Ask questions and get advice on any sexual subject

Talk about anything that’s on your mind. Anything…

This is a rare opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up. If you are here on this site then you must have some curiosity about your sexual nature. From casual encounters, to dating, to the world of kink, no topic is off limits. You finally have a person you can openly ask all the burning questions you have been too shy or afraid to ask. The Lord is here to help you.

Lord O specializes in (but is not limited to) the discussion of:

How To Make Online Connections

Get all your online hookup questions answered by a guy who has had more success than he is willing to admit.

How To Stay Safe When Interacting Online

The world of online dating and casual hookups can be littered with pitfalls. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of someone you met online, or if you just want some tips on how to stay protected and anonymous, Lord O can help.

Underlying Motives Behind Kinks

At some point you might want to know why it is you like the dirty things that you are into. By sorting out your past and your present you can get some clarity on this question. Understanding why you tick the way you do can help your make progress in your persona, professional, and sexual life.

Kink Training

When you open the proverbial can of worms that is BDSM and Kink all sorts of questions come up. Lord O can help clarify your concerns.


Dating can be tricky and having someone to talk to about your relationships is a valuable tool to keep you and your partner(s) happy. 

Casual encounters

No strings attached encounters can be fun but they can also be tricky to bring into fruition. If you want some advice on these matters you should talk to Lord O.

Learning To Be Less Shy And Accepting Our Lust Filled Mind

We still live in a sexually repressive society. But that is changing. Maybe you are the shy type who knows deep down your have an inner slut but aren’t sure how to tap into your desires. The Lord can help you feel good about who you are as a sexual person and guide you to exploring your naughty side.

Swapping Dirty Stories

Sometimes you just want to discuss a naughty experience you have been through but you can’t always confide in your friends due to the fear of them judging or not understanding you. The Lord is here to relieve that burden by chatting with you about your casual encounters.


We all need to vent. Maybe it’s about an ex, or maybe it’s about a partner you met online that ghosted you, or maybe it’s about your sexual frustrations, or maybe its even just about your crazy day. Whatever the subject Lord O loves to listen and vent with you.

Who is Lord O? Click HERE and find out.

All 1-on-1, question and answer, discussions will take place over a Skype Voice Call and spoken in the English Language. Availability is limited and must be scheduled in advance. Discussions are booked for 1 hr blocks.

Note: none of these discussions should be considered medical or psychological advice. They are simply discussions between two people. You are paying for time to spend having a discussion and not for a medical or treatment service. If you seek medical or psychological attention please find a licensed professional

Skype Calls are open to any race and gender orientation.

All callers must be 18 or older. NO Exceptions!

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We Offer Three Pricing Options:

1 hr Discussion – $50 – This is a standard anonymous discussion

1 hr Discounted Discussion – $40 – In order to qualify for this discount you must agree to write a review about our chat so HookingUpNow.com can use it on our site and promo material. 

1 hr Discounted Discussion –  $30 –  (recorded for our Podcast) – This is still a one on one session but the discussion will be recorded so HookingUpNow.com can use it on our upcoming Podcast. Your identity will be kept anonymous but voice will be recorded for our viewers.

Payment options:

Once a time is agreed upon by You and Lord O you will be sent a link to pay via paypal.

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