About The Hooking Up Now Podcast

Hosted by: Lord “O”

The goal of this podcast is to create a safe space to discuss all things pertaining to Hooking Up, Sex, Kinks, Making Online Connections, Social Sexual Concerns, The Psychology of Being Naughty, and anything else I can think of that is interesting, educational, and funny.

Hooking Up Now promotes sex-positive experiences. We aim to demystify the confusing process of meeting new people and hooking up online. By doing so we look to increase your odds of finding a partner while also helping you maintain your privacy, security, and safe-sex practices. We believe that exploring and expressing your sexuality is important to good mental and physical health. Our podcast is meant to entertain and inform at the same time by sharing our stories, experiences, pitfalls and tips in a lighthearted way.

The Hooking Up Now Podcast is an open discussion about various topics pertaining to how to hook up online in the modern era. I would like a big part of this Podcast to be discussions with our viewers about their experiences hooking up. So if you have questions you want to ask, or stories you want to tell about your online hookup encounters don’t hesitate to FILL OUT THIS FORM  and send me a message. I’m always looking to talk with people of any age or gender and our viewers will truly appreciate hearing from you. 

Topics We Discuss

Tips and tricks – a segment dedicated to improving your hook up game.

Hookup Case Studies – A in-depth look at hookup posts I’ve made on reddit and a discussion of why they were or were not successful. I’ll even discuss what happens when I get a response from one of my posts and how i move forward with meeting new partners for casual encounters. 

A Kinky Conundrum – a discussion of various kinks and why we love them so much

Confessions – Anonymous chats with our viewers about their hook up adventures. If you want to sign up to be on the Hooking Up Now Podcast via Skype Voice Call fill out this FORM.

The Master and His Apprentice – I will choose one lucky listener who has tried hooking up online but has yet to succeed, and tutor you until you “close the deal”. If you want to be one of the select few fill out this FORM.

The Socio-Sexual – An open rant about sexual thoughts sparked but things happening in the news.

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