Posting On Reddit Vs. Responding To A Hookup Post. Which is better?

Posting Vs Responding

In the most basic sense there are two ways to make a connection on Reddit for a no strings attached hookup. You can either:


Create your own post stating what you are looking for




Search through posts already made on subreddits and send a private message to the poster.


So which method is the most effective? The answer to this question all comes down to your gender and here is why. It all boils down to the male to female ratio. If you are a male seeking a female you will have much more success creating your own post in your favorite subreddit and waiting for females to respond. But if you are a female looking for a male you are better off searching through the hundreds of posts made by guys and responding to the one that suits your needs best.


Just like in the real world the online reddit world has a male to female ratio that is tipped far in the favor of the females. If you go to any bar or club looking to hookup there will always be way more guys than girls. For guys thats just a simple reality that you have to get over.


Females Looking to Hookup With Males

When a female posts on reddit looking for a guy to hookup with they will get literally hundreds of private messages. I’ve talked with a few girls who have posted before and they say the amount of responses can be overwhelming. Girls have hundreds of messages to read and they get the luxury of choosing the person that fits their preferences. Some females make a post and than delete it within minutes because they get so many responses they have trouble sorting through all of them. In the reddit world we call this “breaking my inbox”.

On top of that, a female can post looking for something specific in their location but guys don’t give a fuck. Guys will reply from across the globe who don’t even have the same interests. For a female this can be a complete waste of time. I’ve heard from many females that the entire process of sorting through stupid replies from idiot guys is enough to kill their horny mood. So for a female I recommend searching through the posts and choosing a few to respond to. Rest assured that most guys will be thrilled to get a response for a real female so your chances of hooking up are extremely high.  


Males Looking To Hookup With Females

On the other side of the token, if you are a guy it can be nearly impossible for you to connect by replying to a females post simply because the competition is so high. Your message has to stand out among all the other ones in the female poster’s inbox. And unless you are exactly what the poster is looking for your chances of getting through to even chat with the girl is highly unlikely, let alone getting the chance to actually meet up.

Another thing to realize is that not all posts are real women looking for a no strings attached hookup. Mixed in with the real women are some catfishers, scammers, guys pretending to be women, and sellers who all post as females. The worst is when you see a post that you like and you spend time writing a well thought out response. Then the original poster responds with a “canned” message saying something like “Hi stud, follow me on Snapchat”. This is obviously a seller or scammer so don’t bother responding.

You are much better off spending your time crafting a well thought out and focused post describing what you are into and what you look like.


If you use my “multiple accounts” method you can put out a few posts on different subreddits and that will increase your chances of actually hooking up. Not all your posts will get responses. You must play the numbers game a bit to increase your post exposure and it also helps to make post at opportune times. Either way, you should be spending your time posting instead of responding to posts


To sum it all up:


If you are a female looking for a male you should spend your time reading through posts and send a private message to the redditors that attract you.


If you are a male looking for a female you should spend your time making posts and waiting for females to respond.


Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you are a female make a comment confirming what i am saying about your inbox being flooded with responses.


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