Lord Ovladat, or as he’s affectionately known “Lord O”, has helped hundreds of people with all sorts of sexually confusing situations. He’s a seeker of knowledge and an aficionado of experiences. Over the years he has studied everything from the esoteric to the western psychology teachings of human interaction and sexual activities. He can be as playful as he can be serious when sorting through the minefield of situations that arise when we explore our sexual nature. From basic vanilla play to the darkest kinks, no subject is off topic for him to discuss. His advice and insights are a valuable tool to anyone seeking to fulfill their sexual desires and he has created this website to help you succeed in your promiscuous endeavors in a safe yet satisfying way.

If you want to hear what Lord O has to say about Hooking Up online you should give a listen to the Hooking Up Now Podcast. If you would like to talk with him directly you can fill out this Contact Form or arrange for a Skype Discussion. He is always will to talk and to listen. 

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