Multiple Reddit Accounts For Maximum Hookup Opportunities

Multiple Reddit Accounts

If we want to be successful with hooking up online we need to maximize our chances of opportunity. One of the best ways to do that is by having multiple reddit user accounts. Unlike most community based websites Reddit actually allows users to have multiple accounts. So by using this method you won’t be violating any of the Terms Of Service and you don’t have to worry about having any of your accounts getting terminated.

So why in the hell would we use multiple accounts you ask? Here are the reasons that I currently have 7 different user accounts and how having all of them helps me maximize my hookup opportunities.

Privacy is key

First and foremost, your online privacy is very important. If you already have a regular reddit account I don’t recommend using it for hookups. Just in case you need to delete your hookup account you wouldn’t want to also lose the followers and karma from your regular account. You also wouldn’t want your regular followers to know you are posting naughty things because it could come back to bite you in the ass.

I  recommend setting up your hookup profile account using a throwaway email account. (i have a tutorial about why and how to set up a throwaway email account so stay tuned for that) Everything is just more safe and clean by using different accounts. The general public doesn’t need to know what your hookup life is all about. Most people are too judgmental.

Subreddit post limitations

Some subreddits put limitations on how often you are allowed to submit a post. You can get around this by having multiple accounts. On some nights you might be looking for different things. You are better off making separate posts from separate accounts instead of putting all those things in one post. Trust me on this, no one wants to read a post with endless options. And if a person notices that you are making multiple posts in the same subreddit multiple times they might think you are spamming.

On certain subreddits you can only post once every 12 hrs. And on other subreddits you can only post once every 7 days. Avoid this limitation by using multiple accounts.

Keeping your kinks separate

This is similar to what I was saying earlier about keeping things clean and focused. If you have multiple kinks you might want to separate them into different posts on different accounts and the reason is as follows.

Let’s say you enjoy getting handjobs and you make a post about that. But you also like getting spanked. If you put both those kinks in one post its possible that a prospective partner is into giving handjobs but absolutely hates spanking. This person will most likely not respond to your post due to their hatred of spanking. That’s one lost opportunity just because you put both kinks in one post.

If you have multiple accounts you can separate these kinks into different posts and all the people who like handjobs will contact you as well as all the people who are into spanking. One of the biggest mistakes i see people make is that they shoot themselves in the foot by mixing too many kinks into one post. Rise above the pack and make multiple accounts!

Maintaining one partner while searching for another

If you follow my hookup tips and tricks you will eventually get to the point where you have an ongoing hookup partner that you met from reddit and at the same time you will be looking for others to fulfill different fantasies. In order to keep the one partner in good spirits you should remember which account you met her/him on and not use that account for a while.

You wouldn’t want your online hookup buddy to know you are still looking for other partners. Although some partners might not mind that you are still looking, some might actually see this as a sign that you’re not really into them. This could hurt their ego and they won’t want to hook up with you anymore.

Or some might even get jealous, even though your relationship with them is strictly casual, it is still ongoing and you won’t be sure how your hookup buddy will react if they find you looking for other partners. They could decide to cut you off and ghost you. So I use multiple accounts to keep things clean and separated.

Those are a few of the reasons that I use multiple accounts They are easy to set up and they can help you maximize your hookup opportunities. Let me know what you think and if you can come up with any other reasons, positive or negative, put them in the comments section below.

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