Best Days And Times To Post On Reddit

best date and time to post on reddit

If you truly want to optimize your chances of actually hooking up in real life from your Hookup Reddit posts you need to consider when you are actually posting. Although it is true that redditors are located around the world and that you can have some success 24 hours a day, if you really want to increase your chances of making a connection you need to choose the right days and times to make your post.


To make my point more clear I will give you an extrapolated example. Let’s say you happen to be awake for some reason at 4 am on a Tuesday morning and you are feeling frisky. Sure, you could go ahead and make a post looking for someone to hook up with in your area but even if you do get a response from a partner do you really think they are going to meet a stranger at that hour? The answer is most likely no. And to top if off, they will probably wake up the next morning and rethink their spontaneous urge to send you a reply and the risk they almost took in their “time of need”. Their embarrassment sets in and then they delete their throwaway account and now you lost your potential hook up. I know this might sound like an extreme example but sometimes it’s good for us to think of the extremes to make sense of a situation.


So then you ask, When is the best days and times to make a reddit no-string-attached post? After making hundreds of posts, looking for various hook up situations, having lots of success and some failures,  I have found 3 days and times that are more effective than any other times to make a post. Here they are:


Sunday Afternoon 

This is by far the most effective time to make a post. I’m not exactly sure the psychology behind why this time is the best but no matter what kind of post I make someone always responds on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe it’s because most people don’t do much on a Sunday and they are flipping through posts killing time. Or maybe their weekend wasn’t much fun and they wish they could spice things up a bit. It’s hard to say why really, but no other day or time has yielded so many successful hookups for me than Sunday afternoons. 


Friday and Saturday night between midnight and 3 am

This one is self explanatory. On one hand you have the people who went out with friends, got a bit drunk and are now home and horny looking for a casual connection. On the other hand you have the people who didn’t go out but are feeling lonely on a weekend night. Either way, Friday and Saturday night posts can bring a lot of action your way.


Mid week around 5 pm

I find that this is the time people start thinking about what to do with their weekend. They get home from work, want to forget about their work day, and they start hunting for fun. Posts made on this day should be geared towards finding someone to chat to for the next day or two in hopes of hooking up over the weekend.


So there you have it, the three best times to make a post on reddit. Like I said earlier, I have had a ton of success with making connections during these times and with a little bit of foresight and planning you too can find someone for a fun casual hook up.


Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with me. If you are new to posting on Reddit looking for a hookup then read though my tips and start posting today. There’s a lot of fun to be had with people you meet online but you won’t know exactly what I mean till you get out there and start posting. Good luck and be sure to let the Hooking Up Now community know of your success.

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