Being Honest About Your Age Online: Any age will do

Any Age Will Do

Online interactions is like the wild west in the sense that anything goes and you can pretty much get away with anything you want with little to no repercussions. It’s easy and sometimes tempting to lie about your age, what you look like, or even sometimes you gender. 9 times out of 10 lying about anything when you are aiming for a hookup is a bad idea.


Lying might get you and your new partner out the door to meet up but when you do your lies will come crashing down and it won’t end up well.


One of the most common things guys lie to girls about is their age. In particular older guys pretending to be younger than they actually are in hopes of hooking up with a younger female. If you are one of those older guys who doesn’t give his real age when making a post I’m here to tell you to STOP and give you the number one reason why.


The internet, In particular reddit hook up subs, is a crazy place, with all kinds of people who have all kinds of kinks. There’s really no need to lie about being younger because there are literally hundreds of females on reddit who are in their 20’s and are looking for older guys.


On multiple occasions I have been chatting with a female when she tells me she is 22 and asks my age. My first instinct is to tell her I am a bit younger then I actually am because I was afraid when she found out that I’m in my late 30s she would not be interested. But that is seldom the case. Everytime that I say my age 90% of the time they tell me they are into older guys.


Why Are Younger Females Into Older Guys?


For a while this used to surprise me but then I realized why. Most girls in their 20’s who are searching for something naughty on Reddit are bored of younger boys. They usually have had experiences with guys their age are were left unsatisfied. They want a real man to play with.


There is also those females who are submissive and want an Older Dominant man to teach them naughty things. This isn’t something a guy their age can do. This power dynamic is only possible when their is an age gap. They seek out older guys, the strong dominant knowledgeable ones, not the shady creepy ones who lie, to explore their kinks with without being judged.


On top of that its very common for girls that age to have a bit of a “daddy” fetish. Not in an incestual way, but in a way where they want to be taken care of by an older stable man and played with like a precious toy. They get off on the fact that they are younger than you and you will ravish them. It adds a level of kink and taboo for them to be flirting with an older guy. I’ve even seen women in their 20’s post looking for older guys with “Dad Bods”.


Any Age Will Do. So Stop Pretending To Be Something You Aren’t


The big takeaway from what I am saying here is this: BE YOURSELF! There are so many different people looking for different things that if you just be yourself you are bound to find someone who is into who you are and willing to hook up with you. The last thing you want to happen is you send time flirting and building trust with a female online then she wants to meet. You meet up with her and she finds out you aren’t the young, tall, dark, and handsome guy you were pretending to be. All the trust is thrown out the window and that hot horny young girls storms off before you even get to put your old man hands on her supple body.


Stay honest and be yourself when posting and flirting with girls online because there is something for everyone out there in the crazy world of online hookups.


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