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I am diligently working on the definitive Step By Step guide to finding partners online, primarily using Reddit, for no strings attached hookups.

While you wait for it to be released, check out Lord O’s Little Black Book Of Successful Reddit Posts. You can read and use 50 posts that lead to hookups.

This guide will walk you through the process from creating your first anonymous Reddit account to the moment you meet up for a hook up. It will have tutorials, tips and tricks, and even 100 post examples that you can use to make connections with local partners.

Each post example has been tested and yielded at least one if not multiple real life hookups for me. Yes, that is right, by using the method in this tutorial I have hooked up with over 100 local women for a no strings account encounter.

So sit tight, and get ready cause one i release this Hook Up Guide you will be well on your way to making real life connections. In the mean time read through my blog, and subscribe/sign up for notifications so you can be the first to test out my Hookup method for yourself.

About Your Hookup Mentor, Lord O

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