We now have a YouTube Channel! – Hooking Up Now News!

As we stated multiple times throughout this site, we have a lot of things planned. Among those things was to get a YouTube Channel up and running, and we have done just that.

What You Will Find On Our New YouTube Channel

The main purpose of our Youtube channel is to connect with our readers, grow our community, and  to educate and share.


Here you will find video tutorials that demonstrate the techniques I use to find hookup encounters online. At this time most of these tuts will be about um how to use Reddit.

Check out my first video on How To Open an Anonymous Throwaway Reddit account.

Podcast Snippets

If you didn’t know already, we will soon be launching the Hooking Up Now Podcast. Once we get that up we will be posting clips from the Podcast to this YouTube channel.

Live Streaming Discussions

I will be streaming live conversations that you can listen to or call in via Skype and participate in. The topics of these chats will be about Reddit hookup success stories, advice on finding partners online, as well as answering any questions you may have.

Sounds fun, right? So CLICK HERE to check out the Hooking Up Now YouTube Channel hosted by Lord O and subscribe. Don’t forget to click the bell icon so you get notification and don’t nuts out on all the fun and information.

We want to set up a custom url for our channel such as youtube.com/hookigupnow, but in order to qualify we need to have 100 subscribers. So help us out and click Subscribe!

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