Hooking Up Now Podcast Ep2 | Reddit Hook Up Case Study & Update

Hooking Up Now Podcast Ep2 | Reddit Hook Up Case Study & Update

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Hooking Up Now Podcast Episode 1
Hosted by Lord O

This is episode 2. Today’s entire episode will be a Reddit Hook Up case study. A case study about a post I made on Reddit and the response I got from a female. I’ll describe the ins and outs of the post and the exchange that happened between me and the female who responded.

Topics That Come Up In This Episode Are:

  • Case study about a local girl that responded to one of my posts
  • A description of the format of a successful reddit hookup post
  • How having multiple reddit accounts will increase your odds of hooking up
  • Benefits of mentally engaging a potential partner on Reddit
  • Understanding message pacing with a partner
  • A trick to search someones Reddit profile on the mobile app
  • Case study update
  • How to check pics for legitimacy or catfishing
  • Reddit responses are picking up. Lot’s of horny people looking for hookups this weekend.
  • The process of building trust for a IRL meetup
  • The power of reposting a successful post
  • And Much More…

Hookingupnow.com promotes sex-positive experiences. We aim to demystify the confusing process of hooking up online. By doing so we look to increase your odds of finding a partner while also helping you maintain your privacy, security, and safe-sex practices.

We are always looking to chat with new people and hear there online hookup stories. We also would love to answer any questions you may have about hooking up online. If you want to chat with us and be on the Hooking Up Now Podcast fill out this form.

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And don’t forget, the internet is your hook up oyster, so let’s get shucking!

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